Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Does the word hypocrite ring a bell to anyone? If not .. it should! As I continue to learn while living in this sinful world I find myself being drawn to doing the things of this world. Sinning becomes second nature if you allow it to be and words become nearly words if you don’t act.
I’ve recently had the privilege of gaining a friend whom has taught me a lot about myself and has forced me to spend time with God about why it is that I believe in him and why I choose to follow him. God isn’t just a person who I admire, he is someone I long to follow and resemble yet do I? 
Granted, this world is corrupt and is filled with many evil things and I do agree with those who think that this is Satan's  playground because there are so many ways in which he could tempt us with to stray us away from God. However, as a Christian I believe that is why walking this road is a lot harder and is a reason why most choose not to follow. I know how impossible the task seems to be a Christ follower but the thing is, is that WE are all sinners but it’s by God’s grace that we are still able to enter his kingdom. 
I am by far a person who is extremely flawed, I mess up daily by either my thoughts, actions, words, and/or behavior but I know that God truly knows where my heart stands and it isn’t from a lack of effort that I may fall short. 
My friend brought up a good point about how some Christians rely on the fact that God is forgiving and do things knowing that they will be granted his grace and mercy. I had a tough time with this because it hurts to know that us Christians give those who are still unsure about following God this perception and I can honestly say that I may be one of those people. It’s shocking when you confront reality face to face but it’s God’s amazing way of keeping us in check. God knows that we are going to make mistakes before we make them but it’s how we deal with these situations that allow him to really see just how faithful we truly are. 
I’m truly sorry if there are things that I have done for people to question who I am as a Christian. I can only pray and hope that with God’s help that I will be more careful of my behavior in the future. 
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